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Tye Hafner at 2015-07-01T05:15:11+0000 14 people like this |
Downingia bacigalupii (Bach's Calicoflower) Modoc National Forest, Siskiyou County Remember that discussion about identifying flowers while traveling down the freeway at 70mph. I saw that patch of blue in a roadside ditch (Hwy 97 south of Dorris...Siskiyou County) and I said to my self, "If that is a calico flower...I - show more posts on this group
Sloan Foxe Ashley at 2015-07-01T05:26:40+0000 |
Does anyone have a recommendation for a landscape installer for a residential native garden in the Apple Valley area? (near Victorville, Ca) - show more posts on this group
Lisa D Walker-Roseman at 2015-07-01T06:36:06+0000 7 people like this | 2 people comments
Here is another type of Rattlesnake Weed. Joshua Tree National Park, September 15, 2014 - show more posts on this group
Ameet Zaveri at 2015-07-01T08:47:51+0000 1 people like this | 3 people comments
This was right beside Frog Lake at Henry Coe State Park, Santa Clara County, sighted on 27 Jun. Is it a species of Ceanothus? Thanks in advance - this group has always come through with Ids very quickly! - show more posts on this group
Tim Johnson at 2015-07-01T05:30:38+0000 2 people like this | 1 people comments
I was thinking gahnia clarkei, any suggestions? No seed on banks of cabramatta creek rough under leaves prob 1.8 - 2m. - show more posts on this group
Jesper Launder at 2015-07-01T08:42:35+0000 4 people like this |
Alderley Edge Trees and Flowers – A Herbal Medicine Walk This walk is an opportunity to learn about a large number of our native trees and herbs commonly found in parkland settings in terms of their historical uses, medicinal applications and culinary potential. Early July sees many of our medicinal tress at the heig - show more posts on this group
Nicola Jane Buchanan Gibson at 2015-07-01T09:23:01+0000 1 people like this | 3 people comments
Any help on this shrub much appreciated. Found in my fathers garden in Scotland, close to the sea. - show more posts on this group
Katherine Robinson at 2015-07-01T10:14:16+0000 1 people like this | 7 people comments
Any of you wonderful lot have suggestions/recommendations for a beginners medicinal herb guide book? I can just search on Amazon and there are loads but does anyone have a favourite? :) (Not sure if I'm allowed to post this as it's not an ID, so please remove if not) love to you all :) x - show more posts on this group
Pamela Ellis at 2015-07-01T11:20:57+0000 |
(y) 20150701192101 !RAYBAN SUNGLASSES Clearance Sale - up to 78% off @ http://bxxrhr.gq/?rayban-topsale . RAYBAN is taking up to 78% off select Clearance items ... newly discounted SUNGLASSES you've been eyeing - show more posts on this group
Jocelyn Hennin at 2015-07-01T06:13:11+0000 1 people like this | 3 people comments
Can anyone ID this for me? Found in SW Ontario, growing beside a country road very close to an overgrown ditch. - show more posts on this group

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