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Randy Herras at 2015-07-05T22:48:01+0000 |
available na po sa july 12 mga 1 month & 3 days old pure biboy out & out red kelso baby stags & pullets vaccinated na po sila ng ncd, ibd & fowl pox. sa may kursunada mas ok po kung pick-up nyo para makita nyo ng personal kelso materials ko from firebird novaliches po location namin. - show more posts on this group
Lisa Sainsbury at 2015-07-05T16:25:24+0000 2 people like this | 2 people comments
I just moved my tomato plants out to the greenhouse a week ago. I wasn't really sure if they would produce anything where they are so stalky. I just noticed my shorter, more sturdy one has a couple tomatos appearing. Do I need to do anything with them or just let them grow? - show more posts on this group
Matthew Drover at 2015-07-05T22:32:52+0000 4 people like this |
The little greenhouse is coming along. The upside down cherry tomatoes are doing great and the carrots are just coming up. - show more posts on this group
Dan Völkerding at 2015-07-05T19:11:08+0000 6 people like this |
Finished the caboose. Note some windows have white curtains, some black. I can change them, not sure which I like better. The inside will have a cooler on one side, the other will have spare 9v batteries (for the sound system), a couple storage silos for phones/wallets, and eye hooks for car keys. Am I the only one t - show more posts on this group
Jeff Frost at 2015-07-05T20:53:17+0000 24 people like this | 1 people comments
We ran the 2-4-0 this afternoon. The kids had fun :-) - show more posts on this group
Aaron Gonthier at 2015-07-05T19:42:58+0000 5 people like this | 5 people comments
I built a new LED driver board for the 70, using components from the local Radio Shack. It's more expensive than buying a Chinese board off eBay, but I have the satisfaction of building it myself and the convenience of having it sooner. The downside is that it cost about 20 times what the cheap Chinese board would ha - show more posts on this group
Carl Schmidt at 2015-07-05T20:06:13+0000 16 people like this | 11 people comments
I'd love to see a CSX SD70mac or ACe in 1.6" scale. The second pic shows there's a prototype for almost anything. Shot these two pics in the LaCrosse, WI. BNSF yard today. Pink covered hopper anyone? Lol. - show more posts on this group
Katie Cupach Smith at 2015-07-05T17:37:35+0000 3 people like this |
Meet the Pollock's Chicken Farm Mating pair of partridge silkies. All great toe feathers, correct number of toes, great poofs, and correct comb. She's not laying yet, roo just started crowing. They are 5 months almost 6 months old. 45$ for the pair. Location Elmirage - show more posts on this group
Anesa Thiele at 2015-07-05T18:57:47+0000 |
Such a cute video. https://www.facebook.com/BestVidsOnTheInternet/videos/419788308209223/ - show more posts on this group
KimberlyAnn Alford at 2015-07-05T18:52:34+0000 1 people like this | 7 people comments
Does anyone know of a feed store we can exchange young roosters for some baby hens. We have for sure 2 roosters. maybe 3 or more but have only had the two start their crow. One has an identical comb so I am thinking it is one as well. Anyway. Pratt's will normally give us two babies for each young roosters. Does any - show more posts on this group

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