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Reesha Taurins at 2015-07-03T21:49:29+0000 | 1 people comments
HELP PLEASE ive just bought and planted a lemon tree and lime tree into half wine barrels the top leaves seem to be turning abit yellow. How can i help them? Dont really know how ttolook after them at all other than to water them :/ - show more posts on this group
Jason Ng at 2015-07-03T16:09:54+0000 6 people like this |
Tish Carnivorous Plants Drosera Capillaris This plant was sold to me as Capillaris, although it does look like a Spatulata, But the interesting part here is the deform leaf in the middle showing some ❤ http://tishcarnivorous.blogspot.sg/ - show more posts on this group
Mars Simpson at 2015-07-03T17:39:20+0000 25 people like this |
Pinguicula macroceras growing on a seep in the North Cascades, WA, USA. Some of these butterworts are clinging to little mats of moss, growing on vertical slabs of granite where water is constantly flowing. Although this is not the first time I've encountered populations of this plant in the Cascades, it is the earli - show more posts on this group
Stefano C. Sciutto at 2015-07-03T19:32:57+0000 |
Ðe Sly Weeds' Greenhouse. There we are... thanks to the cooler (so to speak) temperatures of the evening, I finally succeed in taking a photo of the incredible flower of Pinguicula emarginata (impossible to say which form in particular). This is probably the only species of Mexican and Tropical Butterwort to produce a - show more posts on this group
Keith Becker at 2015-07-03T15:31:00+0000 1 people like this | 10 people comments
How do you store your CPN's? Home made bookshelf? Binders and folders? Back of the toilet? I noticed the Savage Garden is about that same size too. 😉 - show more posts on this group
Emma Gampell at 2015-07-03T15:38:32+0000 | 4 people comments
think this is a hornet Christine Ryan Richardson, do you think it looks like the queen? Best photos I could get as it never stopped moving - show more posts on this group
Dave Angood at 2015-07-03T17:36:44+0000 4 people like this | 2 people comments
Could someone ID this moth for me. Found it today in the woods along the A1065 near Mundford... - show more posts on this group
Fay Moore at 2015-07-03T17:19:43+0000 | 4 people comments
Any ideas on this winged insect? Yellowy orange abdomen and black head. It seems to like carving into new rose shoots, maybe laying eggs? - show more posts on this group
Sara McElroy at 2015-07-03T15:48:21+0000 19 people like this |
The bees are so happy in my garden this year! Ellettsville - show more posts on this group
Corrie Jagger at 2015-07-03T18:23:25+0000 | 8 people comments
Hey plant pros, what is this pretty little frilly leafed jobby in my flower bed? - show more posts on this group

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