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Kelly Wilson at 2015-11-28T18:13:24+0000 |
https://m.facebook.com/groups/373366122851348?ref=bookmarks - show more posts on this group
Jessica Whigham Craven at 2015-11-28T22:24:24+0000 | 8 people comments
Miniature mules for sale $500 - Dothan, Alabama 3 females 1 male. Ages ranging from 6-2 years old. 500 each obo or 1500 for all - show more posts on this group
Mamie Quan at 2015-11-28T16:58:07+0000 21 people like this | 4 people comments
Leaf cutter bees, Megachile texana, use little dots of leaf material to line their nests. They don't cause enough damage to kill a tree, & I like the curious BB-shot look of the leaves. - show more posts on this group
Dave Clark II at 2015-11-28T18:53:29+0000 26 people like this | 1 people comments
Still have a Chipping Sparrow hanging around. 11-28-2015 - show more posts on this group
Rebekkah Faul at 2015-11-28T16:10:46+0000 |
Is searching for some laying hens. We have three 8 month olds that will not lay, hoping to have some show them the way:) - show more posts on this group
Jodie Mowery at 2015-11-28T23:53:20+0000 1 people like this | 17 people comments
Photos from Jodie Mowery's post I was told she was a hen when I got her.. 6 months old barred rock mix .. The older she gets the more I think she is a he :( - show more posts on this group
Michelle Palmer Foley at 2015-11-29T04:04:58+0000 2 people like this | 16 people comments
Hi. We found this very friendly chicken on our driveway tonight in Brywood. We don't know of any neighbors with chickens. We have her in a rabbit cage in our garage tonight. We can look for her owners tomorrow, but if we don't locate them any ideas on what we can do with her. Thanks! - show more posts on this group
Jophay Sabong at 2015-11-28T22:55:35+0000 |
Photos from Jophay Sabong's post Fs or trade 4pcs tari sa dalawang pang tupada or isang medyo quality.... 450 each.. Once palang nagamit yung mga tig 3 inch mahigit tapos yung 4 d pa nagagamit. North caloocan area me... Pm or txt sa mga interesado lang.. Tnx..09233684141.. - show more posts on this group
Wilfred Rodrigo at 2015-11-29T01:08:03+0000 |
Cockers Today: Things You Should Know About Off Colored Chickens Article must read... - show more posts on this group
Myno Melloria at 2015-11-29T01:14:38+0000 |
MAGANDANG ARAW MGA KASABONG! PURE TAZMANIAN DEVIL HENNIE F1 FOR RAFFLE (Spar video on my timeline) Sali na po kayo sir ipaparaffle ko po etong Tazmanian Devil Hennie sa 6/55 Grand Lotto Draw.. 400/no. kapag 1 number 350/no. kapag 2 number 300/no. kapag 3 number pataas.. Last ball/number po ng 6/55 Grand Lotto an - show more posts on this group

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