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Ecoaldea Portugal at 2015-07-05T15:43:41+0000 3 people like this |
ECOVILLAGE VEGETARIA ESPIRAL IS TIME TO MAKE REALIDAD OUR DREAMS SPREAD THE WORD: WE ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE AND FAMILIES ECOVILLAGE. When our journey moves in harmony with nature, our dreams and goals move at their own pace and sometimes we need a special company for persistence that way ..... ever ........ Persiste - show more posts on this group
Christine Aquilino at 2015-07-05T16:57:18+0000 |
Does anyone know what this is? Hickory? It's from the conservation land near me in Massachusetts. - show more posts on this group
Jef C Taylor at 2015-07-05T17:35:04+0000 7 people like this | 3 people comments
I feel pretty confident this is in the wintergreen family, but less sure about species. Pipsissewa? Found in Brookline Mass last week. I'm a bug and mushroom guy, plants are alien to me. - show more posts on this group
Natalie Illsley at 2015-07-05T18:17:33+0000 5 people like this | 2 people comments
Untitled West Quoddy Head State Park in Lubec, Maine. Hi all. What is this plant? Thanks! - show more posts on this group
Laura Wheeler at 2015-07-05T18:54:19+0000 2 people like this |
Got my dog wood cuttings in their pots and bags. fallowed the directions to a T, so if it roots well, I will have 10-12 up for trade!! - show more posts on this group
Deana Smth at 2015-07-05T15:54:13+0000 3 people like this | 13 people comments
I have lots of wasps in my garden, particularly in my vegetable section. I see at least three kinds of wasps. This seems to be a good thing for control of insects! No cabbage loopers and no cucumber beetles; these guys are usually my biggest enemies. But, I get a little nervous when gardening, especially when harvest - show more posts on this group
DaleAnita Burian at 2015-07-05T17:47:58+0000 | 12 people comments
Would you ID this one for me? Is it worth transplanting? It popped up in our strawberry patch... - show more posts on this group
Debbie Cook at 2015-07-05T17:08:47+0000 | 3 people comments
I'm trying to get rid of the Japanese honeysuckle in my yard and I came across this plant in among it. Is it the Japanese honeysuckle also or is this a different plant? It some how looks different... - show more posts on this group
Eric Manzinali at 2015-07-05T12:24:51+0000 11 people like this | 14 people comments
Deja des tomates arbuste en metropole dans l est de la france - show more posts on this group
Kevin Adamson at 2015-07-05T16:03:17+0000 3 people like this | 4 people comments
Trying to identify this beautiful plant growing outside a local bank in town. The flowers are typical Clerodendrum and I've always thought it was C. nutans but having a good look at it today, the bunches of flower arrangement is different to C.nutans and I think the leaves are shorter and broader. Anyone know what it - show more posts on this group

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