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Rory Welsh at 2015-07-04T12:30:01+0000 8 people like this |
Went to look at new plant nursery and they had this bamboo on the property they will be selling this type around Xmas can't wait! - show more posts on this group
Gino Trafton at 2015-07-04T06:26:49+0000 25 people like this | 9 people comments
Our july festival starts yesterday, called Heiva, This festival Will last till the end of july ... Pandanus coconut hibiscus fibers, shells, flowers for the costumes, and the lei ... - show more posts on this group
Andrea Thane Mandin at 2015-07-04T05:58:55+0000 | 9 people comments
Does anyone know where I can buy big bags of sheep poo please - show more posts on this group
Martin Jackson at 2015-07-04T09:24:41+0000 18 people like this | 9 people comments
Made a strawberry tower today. It's about 5 ft tall and holds 24 plants. The holes are 8 inches apart from Centre to Centre. I have put a 1 inch pipe down the middle the full lenght with slots in it for watering. I filled the little pipe with very fine gravel to stop the soil clogging the pipe. For soil I used a m - show more posts on this group
Karen Krieg at 2015-07-04T06:52:40+0000 4 people like this |
Rusty ball sets now available through Faeren Design Come flat for easy transport All you have to do is spin the sides out and put a small bolt on one side - show more posts on this group
Debbie Farrar at 2015-07-04T11:21:18+0000 7 people like this |
come down to the markets at the Country Bonsai Garden Centre in Tolland btween 11 and 3......find my stall....mention this add with the codeword "Spice" to get a discount on any purchases - show more posts on this group
Lonnie Murray at 2015-07-04T12:49:05+0000 2 people like this |
My Mexican butterwort that I got from a local nursery is doing great. It's made a gazillion baby butterworts. Indeed it is replicating itself out of the pot. I keep splitting them off but they keep making more. More people should grow this plant. - show more posts on this group
Amanda Duncombe at 2015-07-04T07:14:11+0000 5 people like this | 2 people comments
This just joined me on the bed before flying out again... Such pretty colours but any ideas on what it is?? - show more posts on this group
Caroline Duncan at 2015-07-04T06:58:03+0000 2 people like this | 11 people comments
Thanks for adding me to the group. Wonder if anyone can help me. Had this appear in abundance some plants around 5ft. Thick stalks some almost resemble rhubarb no scent but bees love it. Thanks in advance - show more posts on this group
Becca James at 2015-07-04T11:47:48+0000 11 people like this |
Loblolly Marsh. (grassy area) Jay County. The red center is throwing me off. - show more posts on this group

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