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Surendra Singh at 2015-07-06T07:31:09+0000 20 people like this | 10 people comments
One more request for Id Family : Cucurbitaceae. Plant : wild, creeper ,seasonal, feeble . Bharatpur 05.07.2015. - show more posts on this group
Varinder Sharma at 2015-07-06T13:28:26+0000 5 people like this |
Sida acuta. (common wireweed/ Broom weed) useful in arthritis महाबल/ महाबला- गठिया में उपयोगी Ochhaghat (Himachal Pradesh) 3.7.15 - show more posts on this group
Rubytha Huntarigo Batiller at 2015-07-06T10:43:01+0000 13 people like this |
FOODS THAT FIGHT COLON CANCER Experts estimate that making even moderate diet and lifestyle changes can prevent about 70 percent of colon cancers. Protect yourself by making these foods a part of your diet Beans, lentils, peas and other foods high in folate If colon cancer runs in your family, pile your plate high w - show more posts on this group
Rubytha Huntarigo Batiller at 2015-07-06T11:13:38+0000 11 people like this |
FOODS COLON CANCER PATIENTS SHOULD NOT EAT Colon cancer is a commonly diagnosed cancer among both men and women. During therapy, many cancer patients turn to food for comfort and recovery. A health care provider may recommend certain foods that promote health and prevent the recurrence of cancer. Seek a registered d - show more posts on this group
Rubytha Huntarigo Batiller at 2015-07-06T11:34:31+0000 20 people like this |
FOODS GOOD FOR COLON CANCER Acceptable Foods A plant-based diet that provides at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily is recommended by the NCI for cancer patients. Some examples of fruits includes apples, bananas, melons and berries. Carrots and green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli a - show more posts on this group
Rubytha Huntarigo Batiller at 2015-07-06T11:53:23+0000 7 people like this |
CAUSES OF COLON POLYPS Causes Healthy cells grow and divide in an orderly way. Mutations in certain genes can cause cells to continue dividing even when new cells aren't needed. In the colon and rectum, this unregulated growth can cause polyps to form. Polyps can develop anywhere in your large intestine. In general - show more posts on this group
Alain Delavie at 2015-07-06T06:23:40+0000 2 people like this |
Vigoureux Pinellia Tripartita » Paris côté jardin Une autre plante bulbeuse exotique mais suffisamment rustique pour résister aux hivers parisiens en pot. Pinellia tripartita on my parisian balcony - show more posts on this group
Jennifer Dobyns at 2015-07-06T02:25:46+0000 1 people like this | 7 people comments
Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. The bush is about 5' high, or more. The other object appears to be some sort of thistle? Not sure if it has bloomed yet. - show more posts on this group
Gus Freeman at 2015-07-06T03:25:09+0000 2 people like this | 4 people comments
My parents have this labelled as Quercus robur (english oak) but it's leaves look different to the leaves on the mature oaks I know of. (I visit other mature oaks for mushrooms hunting reasons) This ones leaves seem to have sharper, wavier edges, (and more waves), than others I've seen that are more rounded. Is it - show more posts on this group
Becky Sandberg at 2015-07-05T16:07:10+0000 | 1 people comments
Can anyone help with an ID? Is this Friend or foe? About 3' tall in part shade. - show more posts on this group

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