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Nicola Hayward at 2015-07-02T10:25:40+0000 3 people like this | 5 people comments
Could some one tell me what kind of Dragonfly this is please. Not my pic, hubby just posted it to me this morning. Thanks :) - show more posts on this group
Ian Smith at 2015-07-02T13:15:35+0000 11 people like this | 3 people comments
Thank you for adding me to your group. I am a budding naturalist and photographer. This plant threw me for a while and with the help of other people it was identified as a pink version of Hogweed (heracleum sphondylium) growing in Silfield Nature Reserve, Wymondham. - show more posts on this group
Adele Price at 2015-07-02T15:11:14+0000 2 people like this | 2 people comments
Is this ID'able please? Apologies for the poor shot. I attempted to rescue it from a spider's web but I was too late. It has wings btw. Thanks. - show more posts on this group
Archie Dundas at 2015-07-02T16:03:14+0000 2 people like this | 1 people comments
Archie Dundas Photography Dragonfly from this mornings walk. Having a spot of trouble in getting this on identified, anyone help please? - show more posts on this group
Crystal Lee at 2015-07-02T14:32:19+0000 2 people like this |
On our many ramblings around this huge piece of property we are calling home, we have come across TONS or raspberries, dewberries, and too many wildflowers to count. But I have no clue what these may be!!! - show more posts on this group
Kevin Rice at 2015-07-02T15:00:51+0000 31 people like this | 7 people comments
We came home from a Three Day vacation to find morning glory had broken into our house. - show more posts on this group
Emily Austin at 2015-07-02T12:46:09+0000 4 people like this | 20 people comments
I love everything about this plant! Found in Brown County, on the side of the road. What is this please? - show more posts on this group
Allen Bacque at 2015-07-02T12:55:51+0000 47 people like this | 8 people comments
Good Morning Louisiana plant lovers. Here is my contribution to the page taken on my morning garden stroll. There are not many things more fascinating than flowers - to me. Have a great day. 😎✌️ - show more posts on this group
Rajesh Hiremath at 2015-07-02T09:06:55+0000 3 people like this |
Loads of pepper,seedlings,,,, how to plant all? Feeling great....... - show more posts on this group
Toby Paddock at 2015-07-02T15:56:47+0000 |
Tried to get a decent pic of the 2 roots type with the 2 pepper plants we have growing at oghydroponic.com The ones in the reserrvoir are getting so long! - show more posts on this group

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