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Karrie Lynn at 2016-02-10T00:27:55+0000 |
Live mealworms $13 - Lakeland, Georgia Live mealworms for sale $13 per 1000 free shipping Www.Facebook.com/BnKmealworms - show more posts on this group
Ann-Marie Vallone at 2016-02-10T17:47:34+0000 1 people like this | 3 people comments
Should I be concerned? This is the first egg that I have seen like this. I have 14 in my flock and 8 are new to laying, none seem ill. - show more posts on this group
Heidi Williams at 2016-01-19T23:16:48+0000 9 people like this | 13 people comments
These are not the greatest pictures but these are the young Mille Fleur d'Uccle's with there mother. The mother will not be for sale. I believe there are at least 4 little pullets. You can tell that 2 are...@@@@...erels/roosters but 2 other may be hen-line rooster. There are 8 chicks. These are going to be poten - show more posts on this group
Saigon Bistro at 2016-02-09T23:46:08+0000 3 people like this | 7 people comments
Photos from Saigon Bistro's post We recently bought 5 chicks to start our collection, but 2 died.. But the other 3 seems really active now.. Does anyone know someone that bulit chicken coop locally in Savannah?? Under $500 or less .. - show more posts on this group
Teresa Jennings Bolinger at 2016-02-10T01:05:45+0000 3 people like this |
We Love Birds Male Northern Red Shaftef Flicker in Port Orchard, WA. Photo by Jim Griffis - show more posts on this group
Frances Hayes Burns at 2016-02-10T02:54:04+0000 7 people like this | 2 people comments
Today I looked out the window and there sat a common grackle and red-winged blackbird together in my Bird Haven. The grackle appeared to be sitting on the ground on her belly most of the time. I never saw her take a step. When they left, they left together so I imagine they are traveling buddies. Here are some pi - show more posts on this group
Stacey Aldridge at 2016-02-10T00:44:34+0000 8 people like this | 2 people comments
We had about 10 wonderful vistors today. I hope to see them again tomorrow.!! :D - show more posts on this group
Daniel Kelch at 2016-02-10T02:04:47+0000 31 people like this | 4 people comments
No critters were harmed in this and yes this really did happened while I was photographing birds LOL. The neighbor's cat (Tiny) never attacked, she just sat there and watched. The squirrel at one point faced Tiny, decided there was no threat and went back to eating. And a minute or so later just wandered off, and T - show more posts on this group
Lori Lawson at 2016-02-10T01:36:58+0000 14 people like this | 1 people comments
Selection of state birds began in 1927- The Northern Cardinal is the most popular being the state bird for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. - show more posts on this group
Lori Lawson at 2016-02-10T13:25:57+0000 12 people like this |
Why does everyone call ME a SNOW BIRD &#%!@?!" Dark-eyed Junco - show more posts on this group

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