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Christerpher Webu at 2015-07-28T17:32:52+0000 |
Hi guys. Anyone have a really good reference point for crossing nepenthes? - show more posts on this group
Rick Friesen at 2015-07-28T20:38:22+0000 4 people like this |
If your looking for fresh viable CP seeds send me a pm. I've been in the CP seed business for years. I have...@@@@...t VFTs,...@@@@...t sundews & a lot of Nepenthes seeds. Plus other seeds. - show more posts on this group
Giacomo Guarraci at 2015-07-28T22:03:07+0000 4 people like this |
AcquariShop.it new #shallow Gaia Italia AcquariShop.it #Gallery #aquarium #natureaquarium - show more posts on this group
John Mf Stark at 2015-07-28T18:57:04+0000 17 people like this | 1 people comments
All those reds purples whites shades of green in you vivariums ...... Get some blue in there ...... Dendrobium Victoria Reginea ..... - show more posts on this group
Alana House at 2015-07-28T23:06:36+0000 | 2 people comments
I have some extra fresh spilanthes and tulsi I would like to share. If someone would like to come harvest a quart of each I'm happy to offer it. - show more posts on this group
Jennifer Giles at 2015-07-28T17:37:54+0000 1 people like this | 2 people comments
OK I'm looking to start saving seeds to grow and sell in years to come. After I harvest the seeds do I need to do anything to them besides keep them dry and dark? Plants include day lilies, tirgidia, japanese and siberia irises. Thanks in advance for your knowledge! - show more posts on this group
Ashley Hafer at 2015-07-28T16:44:28+0000 22 people like this | 22 people comments
Thank you for the add! Just the group I've been looking for!!! I'm a crazy gardener and love swapping seeds and plants :). I live in Roseville :). Here are some pics of my yard/gardens. - show more posts on this group
Ashley Hafer at 2015-07-28T18:40:25+0000 6 people like this |
I have quite a few varieties of tomatoes growing, but the best two producers this year are "green zebra" and "rapunzel" :) - show more posts on this group
Marlene Dziegeleski at 2015-07-28T17:41:51+0000 | 8 people comments
Can anyone recommend good landscape design companies. I just want a design and will do the work myself. Thank you. Please delete if this isn't allowed. - show more posts on this group
Connie A. Galant at 2015-07-29T00:02:29+0000 |
Kiss me by the garden gate, dang Japanese nettles!!!! - show more posts on this group

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