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Amber Everett at 2015-08-02T22:42:37+0000 1 people like this |
Rhode island red mix roosters. Asking $3 a piece. There are 7 or 8 of them we are wanting gone. Can post pictures if interested. - show more posts on this group
Alisia Bleak-Simons at 2015-08-02T21:51:05+0000 | 4 people comments
Out of curiosity who are the admins on this group. - show more posts on this group
Amber Lewis at 2015-08-03T03:07:22+0000 | 4 people comments
Trying to introduce 2 new hens to my current flock of 4 and just wondering if anyone is willing to share their experience with new introductions. I did the look don't touch for about a week, let them free range for quite awhile together and added a new roost. But whenever they are in the run/coop the older hens att - show more posts on this group
Cindy Sprigg at 2015-08-02T23:57:44+0000 5 people like this | 2 people comments
A busted Styrofoam Rock someone put to the curb and a $2 auction find statue... - show more posts on this group
Pintakasi Gamefowl Supply at 2015-08-03T01:54:01+0000 |
FOR SALE: CYANOCOBALAMIN (AMERICAN REGENT) from USA Available Sizes: 10ml bottle Expiration Date: May 2016 30ml bottle Expiration Date: January 2017 We ship nationwide (Philippines) thru LBC. Please PM me or contact 0925-812-3898 for orders and inquiries. HOW TO USE: Inject 0.3ml once a week (Conditioning). Last - show more posts on this group
Ronald Ray Dungca at 2015-08-02T15:22:16+0000 |
Power cap Meeting with my idols sir rikki , dadi ortee, sir ancoy, sir nonoy and idol arkhon and mam mayang. - show more posts on this group
Ryan Reyes Ong at 2015-08-02T11:34:19+0000 |
Marlon Briones paki explain naman bakit till now wala p ang Manok tagal ng bayad ah - show more posts on this group
Aroz Villa at 2015-08-02T09:24:34+0000 |
ptpa ! mga sir, anu poNg sukat nung flying pen na naBibili ? tnx - show more posts on this group
Kellie Hagan at 2015-08-03T02:10:57+0000 24 people like this |
Scarlet ibis at the Bird Kingdom aviary in Niagara Falls, 8/1. Admin approval granted. - show more posts on this group
Marlene Koslowsky at 2015-08-03T01:21:50+0000 4 people like this | 3 people comments
Blurry, for sure. But you can see the shape and general pattern. Can you tell what these are? Fayetteville. GA. These were flying over a lake here, and my thought was mallards, but no males, if this is what they are. But I don't think so, really. Thanks! - show more posts on this group

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