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Brandi Janelle Brower at 2015-07-03T21:26:21+0000 |
Hey Y'all If you l <3 ve Mulberries then go to Morus species fan group - All Things Mulberry - show more posts on this group
Michael Lacostales at 2015-07-03T21:28:44+0000 |
Michael Found these mushrooms while mountain-climbing. Can you guys help me ID them? Hi guys. Can anyone help me ID these? Are any of them edible? - Philippines. - show more posts on this group
Anita Moore at 2015-07-03T22:18:10+0000 1 people like this |
Upcycled Succulent Gardens I just love this look with timber and succulents... they combine so well! I'll have several timber boxes of varying sizes at the next Label Traders Market, Sunday 19th July. ☺ Hope to see you there... I'll be in my usual spot, just inside the gate! 😊 - show more posts on this group
Lee Goldsmith at 2015-07-03T19:47:06+0000 |
Hello! Out in the field today and noticed some abnormal foliage on our hickory (Carya ovata and C. lacinosa) nursery crops. I forgot to take a photo (as it is a holiday, and I just went in to complete some small tasks) so I'll reverse the norm: Please allow me to describe symptoms and post some photos you might have - show more posts on this group
Charlotte Ford at 2015-07-03T18:42:04+0000 11 people like this | 2 people comments
Mallow enjoying is usual position by the wall, and over in the woodland , cranesbill, vetch, giant bellflowers , hedge woundwort,and harts-tongue fern by the pond. - show more posts on this group
Vivian Knight at 2015-07-03T21:20:14+0000 9 people like this | 3 people comments
Mallow and valarium (please correct me if I'm wrong) brightening up a dull corner in Shrewsbury - show more posts on this group
Aaron James Hacker at 2015-07-03T17:37:22+0000 14 people like this | 21 people comments
Is there a group for orchid addicts? I think I need help,it's making my wallet very light. Angraecum didieri. - show more posts on this group
Sebastian Warnecke at 2015-07-03T20:52:45+0000 5 people like this |
Der erste Versuch 😜 Wasserfall aus Styropor angepinselt mit Fliesenkleber gerade fertig .. Für heute ... Morgen weiterbasteln .. Fotos folgen wenn eingebaut und gestaltet 😊 - show more posts on this group
Willie Dodson at 2015-07-03T23:02:08+0000 | 5 people comments
Ghost pipe: toxic or not? Who can help clear this up for me? - show more posts on this group
Kameron Humes at 2015-07-03T21:31:21+0000 | 16 people comments
Is this some form of a poison something? Or just a weed - show more posts on this group

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